Health Care Law

The health care industry is evolving and changing rapidly. Compliance with ever-expanding federal privacy and security regulations is now a must for all health care providers and entities. Our firm has been intimately involved in the health care field for over 50 years having represented health care professionals in claims of professional malpractice. Our attorneys have represented health care professionals during compliance investigations and reviews with federal and state agencies. In addition, we have worked intimately with clients in assessing Regulatory policies and procedures to ensure compliance, and have assisted clients with reporting obligations following the breach of Protected Health Information (PHI). Our attorneys have lectured and presented on the topics of HIPAA and the changes in regulatory compliance as a result of the Affordable Care Act and the HITECH Act. Our attorneys have authored publications in the areas of health care regulatory compliance, including HIPAA compliance, and the resulting changes to HIPAA as a result of the HITECH Act.