Medical Malpractice Defense

For decades, Best & Sharp has represented professionals in the medical field and earned a reputation for providing a strong, well-calculated defense. We understand medical negligence cases and how the issues presented in each case are often highly complex, and require a strong scientific and medical background. Having represented medical professionals for such an extended period of time, we are keenly aware of the changes to the health care industry and the impact this has in the presentation and defense of a medical malpractice claim.  Our attorneys are dedicated to knowing and anticipating new developments to both the health care field and the ever-changing law concerning professional negligence.

We have represented health care professionals in state and federal court cases, arbitrations, pre-suit mediations and state licensure board actions. Our attorneys have significant experience and success in handling cases involving health care professionals from fields, including:

  • doctors;
  • physician assistants;
  • nursing staff;
  • dentists;
  • optometrists;
  • other health care professionals.

Our attorneys have represented clients in serious medical malpractice actions, many of which involve allegations of catastrophic bodily injury and wrongful death. Best & Sharp takes pride in assisting clients in these critical lawsuits. We have the resources to meticulously review each claim and prepare a strategic defense or resolution to the matter.  Our team of accomplished professionals and paraprofessionals, including an experienced registered nurse, are knowledgeable in:

  • medical and investigative research;
  • review, chronological recitation and careful maintenance of multiple provider medical records;
  • the research and review of pertinent medical literature;
  • review and evaluation of hospital protocol and standards.

Best & Sharp has earned the rank of Preeminent 5.0 out of 5 from Martindale Hubbell and U.S. News & World Report gives Best & Sharp a First Tier Ranking under the Best Firms in Oklahoma.

Our expertise in this practice area and longevity in the industry has allowed us to form many successful long-term client relationships. Many of our attorneys volunteer their time to speak to medical groups and associations at meetings and seminars. Some of the topics have included risk management, record keeping, HIPAA consequences and legal updates, electronic medical records and litigation discovery, as well as best practices.