Nursing Home & Assisted Living Liability Litigation

Litigation filed against nursing homes and assisted living centers, or other long term care facilities, presents unique challenges that are unlike other litigation.  The representation of a long term care facility requires special handling and proper respect for addressing the injuries and/or death of a resident.  Best & Sharp has had an active role in the defense of such long term care facilities for many decades. Our extensive experience with the defense of medical facilities and medical professionals has proven beneficial in providing effective nursing home defense services, and in managing long-term care litigation.

In addition to the attorneys who have substantial experience in this arena, the firm also has a registered nurse on staff who is capable of reviewing and analyzing the relevant medical records, which can often be lengthy and complex in cases such as this.  Oklahoma has both regulatory and statutory schemes that govern nursing home facilities, assisted living facilities, and other long term care facilities, and Best & Sharp has litigated numerous cases that interface with these various laws and regulations.  In every matter, we take pride in offering prompt, clear, and completely candid communication throughout the legal process, and in providing the knowledge and skills essential to both the thorough preparation and the successful defense of these specialized cases.